“PM Modi Propels India’s 5G Success, Unveils Vision for 6G and Technological Transformation”!

PM Modi Propels India’s 5G Success, Unveils Vision for 6G and Technological Transformation


New Delhi, August 15th (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the rapid deployment of 5G technology across the nation during his address on the 77th Independence Day. He emphasized that India is now preparing for the advent of 6G, revealing the establishment of a dedicated task force for its development.

Speaking from the historic Red Fort, Modi highlighted the pervasive reach of the internet, extending even to remote villages, and outlined the nation’s aspirations for the advancement of quantum computing.


“India has achieved the distinction of being the swiftest nation to implement 5G technology. Our reach extends to over 700 districts, and now we are setting our sights on 6G. A dedicated task force has been established to drive this endeavor,” announced Modi.

He underscored the transformative influence of technology on a global scale, with even developed nations seeking insights from the success of India’s Digital India initiative.

Modi detailed a novel initiative aimed at infusing technology into the agricultural sector. This innovative scheme involves the training and equipping of thousands of women within self-help groups with drone piloting and repair skills.

“The potential of science and technology within our rural women is remarkable. Hence, we are contemplating a fresh scheme to integrate technology into agriculture. As part of this effort, women within self-help groups will receive training as drone pilots and repair specialists. We plan to initiate drone flights with an initial group of 15,000 women from self-help groups,” stated Modi.

Turning his focus to the nation’s dynamic youth, Modi highlighted their immense capabilities and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to formulating policies that provide abundant opportunities.

“Today, the youth of our country have propelled India into the top echelons of the global startup ecosystem. This remarkable capability and prowess have garnered the attention and admiration of youth worldwide,” Modi affirmed.

He underscored the government’s employment of technology as a powerful tool in combating corruption.

“As of today, internet connectivity has permeated every corner of the country, reaching even its remotest villages. India is poised to embrace quantum computing. In addition, we are fostering the establishment of farmer producer organizations and venturing into semiconductor manufacturing,” Modi revealed.

Modi also highlighted the transformative impact on the cost of internet data, stating that data costs have plummeted significantly since 2014, resulting in substantial savings for families across the nation.

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